To send a multichannel message from your account, select the Messages tab in your primary menu, and click Create Message.

Selecting Recipients

The first step in creating your message is to select your recipients - who are you sending this message to?

There are 3 ways to add recipients:

1. The first field under ADD RECIPIENTS allows you to enter an ad hoc phone number or email if you don't have the recipient saved as a contact yet.

2. The second section allows you to select from your existing contacts (if you have created any).

Tip: The default search criteria is set to First Name. Select the first dropdown to change the search criteria, e.g. to search by email or phone number.

3. The final option is to select from an existing distribution list (if you have created any).

Once you've added your recipients, click Next to select your channels and create your content.

Selecting channels & adding message content

The next step is to create your message content.

With Whispir you can send multi-channel messages - this means you can create an SMS and email message at the same time, to send to your contacts. Any recipient with both an email address and mobile number will receive both messages.

Click Create for any channel to start building your message.

Once you have added content for a channel, you can come back to this overview and you will notice the channel icon will be highlighted. You will now also see the option to edit your content (rather than the create button).

To add another channel to your message, click create.

Tip for Web Pages: A web page must be sent along with an SMS or email. Make sure you insert the Web_Link variable to link your web page to your email or SMS (or both).

Sending your message

Now that you've got your recipients and your message content, you can choose to send a test first, or you can hit send.


To see how your message is performing, head over to your Insights.

  • The Engagement report provides an overview of your message - how many people it was sent to and how it is performing. Read more about Engagement Insights.

  • Coming soon: The recipient report provides a recipient level overview of your message - who was the message sent to and how have they interacted with your message? (.e.g replied).

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