The product team at Whispir love hearing your comments and feedback. One thing we aim to do is show you exactly what we are working on and give our customers and opportunity to directly contribute to what the team will work on next.

How to suggest a feature idea?

Whispir have a live, always up to date roadmap which you can view.

This live roadmap shows what is coming soon, and some more speculative ideas that are under consideration.

What if my idea isn't on the roadmap?

On the top right of the roadmap you'll see a Submit Idea button. Clicking on that will allow you to submit a totally new fresh idea to Whispir.

Coming soon

Whispir visualises our roadmap 3 months in advance, but no more. This means that we can provide some confidence around features that are coming in the next 90 days. 

Under consideration 

Some features are a bit more unknown and we like to expose those to customers to get more feedback about how solving those problems might impact the lives of our customers. You'll see in the roadmap two tabs, in the top left of the page.

Clicking on the under consideration tab will show you some ideas we are considering building in the future. If one sparks your interest, clicking on it will display more information about how we are thinking of building this feature, and you can let us know how important this is to you by clicking on one of the options below [nice-to-have, important, or critical]

Getting updates
If you give some input on how important the feature is, you'll be asked to leave a little comment, telling us a bit more about the idea, and we'll also ask for your email address. This means when the feature goes live, or if we have any status updates about when the feature will be available, we can let you know personally.

Can I email ideas?

100% yes. If you want to just email your ideas through, you can simply send an email to and it will come directly to the product team. 

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