Do your emails have the best chance of reaching your customers? Optimise for strong customer engagement and prevent your emails getting blacklisted or ignored by implementing DKIM. 

DKIM does this is by allowing the receiver to check an email was indeed sent and authorised by the owner of that domain. The receiving server can also see that the contents of the email were not changed or modified in transit between the sender and the recipient.

Implementing DKIM has these authentication benefits: 

  • Mitigate fraud targeting your brand and help your emails reach your subscribers

  • Demonstrates your company values reputable engagement by setting up your domain authentication.

  • Improves customer engagement by keeping your company and your customers’ emails safe. 

Why your business should use DKIM

  • Improves email deliverability and bypasses spam filters

  • Improves email security

  • Higher protection against malicious emails sent on behalf of your domains 

  • Strengthens your domain sending reputation

How to enable DKIM for your email sending via Whispir?

DKIM is enabled by default for all email sent via Whispir unless you have configured your own domain with us. If you have your own custom domain and would like DKIM enabled contact us. 

How to request it?

Speak to your Whispir Account Manager or contact us below.

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