What is a Web Form Trigger?

Workflows allows you to create fully hosted, branded and customised Web Forms that, once submitted, can be used to trigger powerful communication workflows. 

Once published, you can collect data via your web form which can then be used as dynamic content in messages as well as variables to be evaluated via conditional rules you create.

Using the Web Form trigger with other Workflow components, you can create communication automations to do all sorts of things:

  • Share new web form entries via Email

  • Filter new web form entries and send to specific distribution lists with conditions

  • Send delayed Emails for new web form entries

  • Send an SMS for new form entries

  • and more.....

Create a workflow with a Web Form trigger

  1. From the Workflows Dashboard, click the Create Workflow button.

2. Name your Workflow. This can be changed at a later date.

3. Configure the Web Form Trigger by clicking on it. This will open the Web Form Builder.

Web Form Builder Overview

The Web Form builder allows you to create fully hosted, branded and customised Web Forms via an easy to use, drag and drop interface. Combine Display and Form components to quickly and easily create Web Forms, ready to used as Triggers in your workflows.

Enter a Page Title and add and configure your required components.

Available Form Components:

  • Text Input

  • Date Selector

  • Long Text Input

  • Radio Button List

  • Dropdown

  • Checkbox List

💡 Display Components can also be used when building your web form.

Publishing your Web Form Trigger Workflow

Once you have configured your web form trigger and added your required Steps and Conditions, you can publish your workflow.

Whispir will auto-generate a URL for your web form when you publish it. Copy your link and provide it to anyone responsible for submitting your web form and triggering your workflow.

💡 IMPORTANT: Each time you publish your Webform, a new URL will be generated. The existing URL will not be updated and will not reflect any of the new published changes you have made.

💡 Please note: The web form link that is generated is a public link. Anyone with this link will have access to this web form and the ability to submit, and trigger your workflow.

Triggering your Workflow

To trigger your workflow, access the web form you just created via the provided URL and complete the required form fields. Click Submit.

Once submitted, your workflow will be triggered and your actions will start to execute.

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