Variables are pieces of information that can come from various sources, as well as the Whispir system itself. Other than System Variables, variables will primarily come from an outside source, such as Triggers in Workflows (Webform Trigger, Text In, Email In, etc) or from third party application, such as Salesforce and other integrations.

Variables have 2 main functions:

  1. Customise message content

  2. Used in workflows as condition criteria

Customise Message Content

You can use variables in messages and message templates to automatically insert dynamic information when the messages are sent. They’re useful for personalising messages or providing message-specific information. For example, you can use the First Name tag to add the first name of all recipients to messages. Think mail merge.

Workflow variables can be used as content as well as some message content properties:

  • Button Text

  • Email Subject

  • Web Page Title

Allowing you to further customise and personalise messages that are being sent to your customers.

Whispir supports a large set of standard (system) variables as well as a range of customised variables, derived from outside sources:

Workflow Trigger Variables

Data submitted via Workflow Triggers can be used as variables to customise subsequent message content.

They can also be used as variables in your workflows conditional logic.

System Variables

These are variables that are always available via the Whispir System and are attached to things such as contacts and lists, dates and times, the current Whispir user and Web Links:

Contact & List Variables

  • Recipient first name

  • Recipient last name

  • Recipient mobile phone number

  • Recipient voice phone number

  • Recipient personal address

  • Recipient personal email address

  • Recipient personal phone

  • Recipient current email address

  • Recipient primary work address

  • Recipient secondary work mobile

  • Recipient role

  • Recipient additional role

  • Distribution list name

Sender (Whispir User) Variables

  • Sender full name

  • Sender first name

  • Sender last name

  • Sender SMS number

  • Message author email address

Date & Time Variables

  • Current date e.g: yyyy/mm/dd

  • Current year, short form e.g: 18

  • Current year, long form e.g: 2018)

  • Current month e.g: 06

  • Month in spoken form e.g: June

  • Current day e.g: 08

  • Day in spoken form e.g: Wednesday

  • Current time in 24 -hour format

  • Current time in 12-hour format

  • Current hour in 24-hour format e.g: 08)

  • Current minute e.g: 07

  • Current second e.g: 09

Web Link Variable

  • Web Content Link

Inserting variables

Inserting variables is easy. Wherever you see the purple pill icon, you can insert a variable.

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