These days, information security is vital to everyone. Potential customers will recognise your rich message as secure and reliable if they see a lock icon and https instead of http in the address bar.

Implementing TLS is a visual way your customers and end users will know that you care for their security, and it will build customer trust and your brand’s reputation. On the contrary, when visitors are warned by a browser that a particular site is not secure, they tend to leave such a website or rich message.

Domain Customisation with TLS (as standard) examples:

This is now available (free of charge) to customers (1 x per account) without cost.

Increase engagement with end users who see that Whispir rich messages are protected and may stay longer there. Additionally, TLS may increase rich message load speed.

Implementing TLS has these authentication benefits: 

  • Stronger authentication

  • Improved message privacy

  • Secure transmitted data using encryption

  • Greater interoperability and reliability

Why your business should use TLS

  • Protection - TLS protects confidential information your customers have provided your system.  If/ when you collect sensitive information from customers and end users through our rich messages, TLS ensures the security on the transfer of this data. 

  • Encryption - It hides data being transferred from third parties. TLS affirms credibility. Certain browsers warn users that a site might not be safe if they don’t have a certificate, this instills confidence and trust in our rich messages. 

  • Authentication - It ensures that the parties exchanging information are who they claim to be. TLS may help to gain certain types of compliance (PCI, for example).

  • Integrity - TLS also verifies that the data has not been forged or tampered with. Search engines like Google considers sites and rich messages with TLS certification to be more credible, therefore standalone rich messages will index higher than those without a certificate. 

How to enable TLS for your email sending via Whispir?

TLS is enabled by default for all Whispir rich messages. If you have a custom domain defined you need to submit a request to enable TLS for rich messages created via Whispir.

How to request it?

Speak to your Whispir Account Manager or contact us below.

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