Adding a Send Email Action

From the Workflow Canvas, click the Add Step button and click the Send Email item. This will add a Send Email action to your workflow.

Selecting Recipients

Now that you have crafted your message, you will want to send it to some people. There are 4 options recipients can be configured for a send message step.

  • Ad hoc email addresses

  • Variable as a recipient

  • Contacts

  • Distribution list

Ad hoc email addresses

Adding an ad hoc email address as a recipient allows you to quickly input a email address that you don't have or don't want to have as a contact record on your account.

To enter an ad hoc email address for your send action, select the send action and open the To section.

In the Add Recipients field, start typing your recipients email address and then press enter on your keyboard or click the email address to select it. You can add multiple ad hoc email addresses as a recipient for a send message step.

Variable as a recipient

Workflows supports the use of variables as a recipient. This provides the ability to allocate "dynamic" recipients for your send message steps based on variables you collect throughout your workflow.

By selecting a variable as a recipient, any value that has been captured against that variable in either your trigger or other variable collection methods will be used as the recipient. You can add multiple variables as recipients for a send message step.

💡 Please note: Whilst variables as recipients can unlock very powerful ways to use Workflows, it can also be a point of failure, as you have limited control in some instances of the values that can be entered as a variable.

Contacts as a recipient

Use your existing contacts as recipients for send message steps. You can use attributes on your contact records to search for contacts to be added as a recipient:

Distribution List as a recipient

If you have Distribution Lists set up, you can also use them as a recipient for your send message action. From the Add a list section, select an existing distribution list.

💡 Hint: You can use one or many of the recipient selection methods for a send message action.

Customising Email content

To customise your Email message content, click the Send Email action on your Workflow Canvas, and then click the Content option in the side panel.

You can now craft your Email message, including any system variables or trigger variables you have available, using the variable pill.

Once you've created your message, click the Update button in the top right corner to save your message. You'll be taken back to the Workflow Canvas where you can select the recipients for your message.

💡 Hint: By default, the email subject will use the name of your workflow. Don't forget to update this! You can also use variables in your email subjects.

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