Turn standard SMS and email messaging into communication experiences using Web Pages. 

Like Email messages, Web pages use the same intuitive drag & drop interface so that anyone in your business can easily build custom communications for web.

Web pages are then delivered via a link sent through an SMS or Email message. Think of it as a mini website for the recipient.

You can create Web pages for both SMS and Email messages by switching to the Web tab in the Message Builder.

Drag and Drop Message Builder

Using our intuitive drag and drop editor, you can now craft you email messages by placing display components onto the message canvas, as well as including any system variables or trigger variables you have available.

💡 Don't forget to set your Web page title. You can do this as soon as the Message Builder interface opens on the right hand side.

Available Components

The Banner component allows you to easily add images, or colour blocks to your email with text overlays.

Image Component

The Image component allows you to easily add images to your email.

Text Component

The Text component allows you to add your own text with custom styling. You can also include system and workflow trigger variables here as well to create dynamic personalised content.

Divider Component

Button Component

The Button component allows you to add buttons with custom hyperlinks. These are great when you want to draw attention to a Call to Action within your email.

Linking to your web page

Once you've created your web page you will need to add a link to your message content in order for your recipients to access the web page. Switch back to either your SMS or Email messages with the tabs.

Using the Variable pill, locate the "web_link" variable and insert it. When sent, this variable will be transformed to a URL that your recipients can click on to access your web page.

Finally, click the Update button in the top right corner to save your message. You'll be taken back to the Workflow Canvas where you can continue to create your workflow.

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