New Features

  • Create a new distribution list: Create a new list. Add and remove contacts ¬†from and to the list. More Info.


  • View details of a pre-created distribution list to identify contacts within a list More Info.


New Features

  • Web Form Triggers - Trigger workflows via Web form submissions. Data in the submission can be used as variables throughout the workflow and message content. More info.

  • Conditions - Apply conditional logic based on variables received from workflow triggers. Conditions are a way to ensure actions get performed only on the items you want. More info.

  • Variables - Use variables in messages and message templates to automatically insert dynamic information when the messages are sent. Variables that come from Workflow Triggers can also be used in Conditional Logic to power complex workflow decisions. More info.

  • Message Sending - Automate message sending across multiple channels such as SMS, Email and Web. Include variables from the system of from Workflow triggers to personalise content at scale. More Info.


Updated Dashboard

The Workflow Studio Dashboard has been updated to show more information about your workflows at a glance:

Each Workflow is represented by a card with information about the workflow to help you find what you are looking for at a glance:

  • An icon that represents what Triggers the workflow is using

  • The workflow name

  • Who created the workflow

  • When the workflow was last updated

  • The workflows Status

Inserting Variables

Gone are the days of remembering tricky @@ tags to include dynamic content from the system or from your Workflow triggers. Now, wherever you see a Variable pill, you can quickly and easily find the variable you are looking for and insert it.

We will continue to expand where variables can be placed in future releases!

Minor Fixes

  • Various UI fixes

  • Various workflow engine fixes

  • Various performance fixes and enhancements

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