Email alone cannot provide the necessary cut through for key messages and major incident warnings that need an urgent response. Whispir’s advanced solution for ServiceNow empowers service management teams with timely and relevant operational insights, delivered to the right person, through SMS, voice, or conference calls.

This improved situational awareness enhances service levels through faster incident resolution, reduced support calls, and an overall improvement in customer engagement levels.

With Whispir you can extend the reach of your communications with email, SMS & voice channels, providing an actionable communications solution to often complex problems - implemented in minutes.

The plugin allows two way communication where is messages sent can have responses received for them and trigger in automated flows based on the response content.

ServiceNow Compatibility

The Whispir plugin for ServiceNow is compatible with Orlando, New York, and Madrid.

Key Benefits

  • Resolve incidents faster - Be alerted immediately as incidents occur and reduce the time needed to restore critical services.

  • Reduce support calls - Streamline automated communications during disruptions to users through their preferred channel - including internal stakeholders and external customers.

  • Improve customer service - Proactively inform users of planned and unplanned outages through their preferred channel at the right time.

  • Rapidly gather and inform response teams - Automated conference calling to rapidly gather and enact response teams and escalate issues.

  • Audit and analyse - Gain deeper insights into your incident response and management processes and reduce costs.


Free for Whispir users.

How to get the plugin for ServiceNow

The Whispir plugin for ServiceNow can be activated from the ServiceNow Store

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