To fast track the creation of your list of contacts, you can import new contacts in bulk to a workspace via a .CSV file.

💡 Make sure you're on the right workspace

If you account supports multiple workspaces, ensure you have selected the correct workspace before importing contacts. Contacts imported are specific to the workspace you're on and not shared among multiple workspaces.

To import your contacts, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Preparing your data for Contact Import

To import contacts, first navigate to the Contacts module by selecting the contact icon from the left navigation menu.

Click Import from the top right hand corner to be taken to the contact import section.

On the Import Contacts screen, you can either download the Sample a CSV template, or upload your own CSV file

If using your own CSV file, please make sure of the following:

  • File extension should be .csv

  • Your file should include a top row with the names of the columns

  • You file should include a First name, Last name, Country, and Phone number per row.

  • Phone number fields should include numbers only, no symbols. If country code is not included in the number it will be derived from the country field.

    For example, if Country was set to Australia for a contact, and the number provided was 0401000000, the number of the contact once imported will be set to 61401000000

  • Country field should have a valid country name. For a complete list of valid country names please see this sheet

If using the provided template:

Open the file in Excel, Apple Numbers or Google Sheets to add your contacts. The top row has all the field names for the information you may have for your contacts.

Make sure you don't change it. You'll notice that sample row is provided for you if you were unsure of the formatting needed. Feel free to remove it.

The fields below should be provided in order to create a contact, some have certain validation to go through as explained below:

Required fields:

  • FirstName

  • LastName

  • MobilePhone: Number only

  • Country: Must be a valid country name. For a complete list of valid country names please see this sheet

💡 Please note: The file should remain in CSV format and not contain more than 10000 contacts at a time or be more than one 10 MB in size

Choose what happens with duplicate contacts

Leave this checked if you want new information uploaded to overwrite a contact's data if a matching contact was found. If you prefer to create a new contact anyways uncheck this box

💡 When is a contact considered a match? If 2 or more of the four values: Firstname, Lastname, Mobilephone, and Email address in the imported file match an existing record, the record is considered to be a match.

Step 2: Upload your file

To upload your contacts csv file, navigate to your file and select it or drag and drop it in the uploader box on the page. Once selected, your file will appear and you can now "continue to mapping".

Step 3: Mapping your fields

  • If you have used the provided template, the fields are automatically mapped and you can move to the next step

  • If you have uploaded your own file, use this step to map the columns in your CSV file to the fields you want the data to appear under per contact

  • First column has the Field names of the columns in the uploaded file

Second column has the contact fields in Whispir platform

The required fields that need to be mapped from the CSV file to Whispir fields are:

  • FirstName

  • LastName

  • MobilePhone

  • Country

💡Unmapped fields won't be imported

  • Last column shows a sample of the data as found in the uploaded file for context

Step 4: Import your file

Clicking "Continue to Complete" will start the contact creation process. This process happens in the backend and you will be able to continue using Whispir.

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