The activity insights report is a place to see what's really going on in your Whispir account. How many SMS has been sent this week vs how many failed? It's a flexible way for you to create customisable reports, and over time, as we add more functionality to Whispir, more and more events will be available.

How it works

Activity Insights is an event based dashboard featuring an Activity Timeline, allowing you to see total counts and time stamps for each event, over a selected time period.

The dashboard also features a Top Activity graph, providing a breakdown of each metric as a proportion of all activity within the selected time period.

Activity Insights currently shows SMS metrics including Sent, Received, Failed, and Replied, with other metrics coming soon.

Accessing Activity Insights

Activity Insights is available in Whispir Beta. 

Note: Message activity from Whispir Classic is included in the Activity Insights.

Once you have logged into Whispir Beta, navigate to Whispir Insights via the new menu icon.

What does the Activity Timeline (top graph) tell me?

The Activity Timeline will show all SMS activity for the current Workspace, for any metric that has been filtered (SMS Sent, Received, Failed, Replied) and for the date period selected.

Hover over any time stamp to see a total count.

What does the Top Activity (bottom graph) tell me?

The Top Activity graph shows a breakdown of each Metric as a proportion of all activity within the time period selected.

Can I view more than 1 metric at a time? 

Yes. If you select + Add Metrics over on the right hand side of the Activity Timeline, you can select as many metrics as you wish. Metrics currently available include: 

  • SMS Sent

  • SMS Received

  • SMS Failed

  • SMS Replied

More metrics coming soon.

How are the numbers calculated?

SMS Sent 

SMS sent events are counted quite simply. If you send 3 messages to 3 people, the line chart at the top will display three (3) events. However, if an SMS you've sent is too long to fit in one message, and needs to span more than one message, it will only show that one (1) message has been sent. 

This limitation is mostly due to the way certain telecommunication carriers in certain regions calculate SMS length. Some carriers count special characters differently, so it is a challenge to estimate with accuracy if an SMS has spanned 2 messages or 1.

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