We've been working hard to add more features and polish what's already there.

Here's what we just released:

💎 New Platform Navigation

The platform side menu is more refined than ever! We removed the slide out option to make way for further navigation changes we will be making in the future! We moved logout and settings under a user icon as well!

📇 Enhanced Recipient Selection

We've greatly enhanced the ways you can select recipients for your send message actions.

With this enhancement, you can now use Variables as a recipient, meaning that Webforms are much more powerful, allowing you to capture email and mobile numbers in a form, using them in your workflows to dynamically direct messages.

There are now 4 options recipients can be configured for a send message step.

  • Ad hoc recipients (Mobile Number or Email Address)

  • Variable as a recipient

  • Contacts

  • Distribution list

You can read more about how to use these here:

👨🏻‍💻 Basic Settings Page

With this release, you can click on the new "Account" icon to gain access to your Settings page. The "Settings" page in this release is in view mode only and allows you to view your:

  • Name

  • Username

  • Company name

  • Email

✨ New Workflows Side Panel

We've moved step creation and configuration into an easy to use side sheet. Everything is neatly organised and ready for new configuration options, actions and more!

👯‍♀️ Duplicating Workflows

Quickly and easily duplicate your existing Workflows from the Workflows Dashboard by clicking the more option button on the Workflow card and selecting Duplicate.

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🗄 Archiving Workflows

Quickly and easily archive an Active workflow from the Workflows Dashboard by clicking the more options button on the workflow card and selecting Archive.

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💬 Use Variables in more places

We've extended the places you can use variables to Email and Web component properties, allowing for greater personalisation and customisation.

📧 Individual Message Channels

Send Message Action Split

In order to extend Workflows to be more flexible, we have split out message sending actions into discrete channels. This means that you can now have individual send actions for each channel (SMS and Web) as a sending step, with their own Web Pages and recipients.

This allows for greater control of your workflows and send actions and also provide a solid framework for us to continue to add more send action channels in the future.

📊 Activity Insights

Activity Insights is an event based dashboard featuring an Activity Timeline, allowing you to see total counts and time stamps for each event, over a selected time period.

The dashboard also features a Top Activity graph, providing a breakdown of each metric as a proportion of all activity within the selected time period.

Activity Insights currently shows SMS metrics including Sent, Received, and Failed, with other metrics coming soon.

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