Engagement Insights enables you to quickly and easily understand how effectively your communications reached your intended audience.

The report provides information on message cut-through with key events available for each channel. This allows you to see how engaged your audience was with your message, and see which channels do better with your audience.

Why monitor engagement?

To understand whether our messages are effectively reaching our audience, we want to be able to report on key events such as delivery rates, open rates, click rates (if applicable), responses, fails, and unsubscribes. Each of these events tells us something about the effectiveness of our message, forms the basis for our next action, and allows us to adjust our strategy for the next round of communications.

  • Delivery rates show you whether you have valid contact addresses

  • Replies show you when your audience is engaged and is willing to share information with you

  • Fails show you when the message hasn’t been able to reach the recipient's inbox

How to find my Engagement Insights

  1. Navigate to Insights.

  2. In the secondary menu, select Engagement Report.

  3. The message filter at the top of the report allows you to select one (or multiple) of the last 20 messages you have sent.

Channels & Message Events

SMS messages events:

  • Received: the recipient has received the SMS message.

  • Failed: the message has failed to reach the recipient

  • Replied: the recipient has replied to the SMS message

Email message events:

  • Replied: the recipient has replied to the email message

WhatsApp* message events:

  • Read: The recipient has opened and read the message on their mobile/web client

  • Received: the message has been successfully delivered and the recipient has received the message on their mobile/web client

  • Failed: the message has failed to send due to an invalid request or there is an error on the carrier side.

*WhatsApp is currently only available on AP1 (beta,ap1.whispir.com). It is not yet available for customers in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

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