Here's the latest update for Workflows by Whispir:

✂️ Workflow templates

We've added 3 workflow templates which can be easily modified to suit your needs, or are a great way to see available functionality if you wish to create your own workflow from scratch.

All 3 templates include:

  • The initial trigger configuration

  • Workflow Definition Structure (the layout of the blocks)

  • Action block configuration (E.g. IF Conditions are configured, Recipients are preset, etc)

  • All Send Action message content (SMS and Email)

⚡ Manual Trigger for Workflows

In addition to the web form trigger available in Workflows today, you can now proactively trigger workflow executions!

  • In an automated trigger (such as web form) the workflow is programmed to handle incoming data. If we take the example of a HR annual leave management use case; data from a web form submission such as name, department and requested dates can then be used to send an email to notify the Department Manager.

  • While in a manual trigger, you are responsible for pushing trigger/start before the workflow definition they created takes care of the rest. In the leave management example, perhaps the HR Manager would send an email to all staff in November with a reminder to book leave, and sets the workflow to only email Department Managers if staff on their team have selected December so they can confirm and manage minimum staffing over the Christmas break.

  • The option of manual trigger gives you full control of how and when workflows get triggered, without relying on incoming data (like form submissions). This opens up lots of utility in the kinds of use cases you can deliver and is a good way of getting acquainted with how workflows and other automated triggers can work.

🖍️ New web builder components

We've added 4 new Web components that you can use to create your web form:

  • Full Width Banner

  • Article Layout

  • Button Group

  • Footer

🎨 Improved message builder layout

Creating an SMS, Email and Web message is now smoother with an improved message builder layout.

The Components menu for Email and Web has been moved to the right side of the design canvas, making better use of space. Drag and drop your message components into your message builder on the left.

The SMS builder now also provides you with an in-mobile preview so you can see how it will look for your recipients.

🗂️ Secondary Menu

Secondary menu introduced on the Contacts, Messages, and Insights pages, allowing you to navigate to sub-pages.

📊 Engagement Insights

Engagement Insights is a message report for Whispir customers, who wish to quickly and easily understand how effectively their communications reached their intended audience.

The report provides information on message cut-through with key events available for each channel such as opens, fails, replies, and more. This allows you to see how engaged your audience was with your message, and see which channels do better with your audience.

Read more.

💬 New Activity Insights event

View your total SMS replies on the Activity Insights report with the new SMS Replied metric!

🔧 Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a bug where users were being logged out of the platform while in the middle of doing something, due to a session timeout.

  • Fixed a bug where Lists sometimes wouldn’t be available in workflow email send actions.

  • Fixed a rare instance where Workflows would crash when you clicked a condition step.

  • Fixed a bug where some SMS messages were being delivered in multiple parts where it should fit on one.

  • Fixed a bug in Workflows where the user was unable to add another Branch Out if it had been deleted from the Workflow.

  • Fixed a bug on the Activity Insights where selecting the date filter 'this month' was not showing the correct results.

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