Sending messages via WhatsApp for Whispir requires the WhatsApp channel to be activated. Read more.

1. In your Messages module, click Create Message.

2. Add or select your recipients:

a. Enter an ad-hoc number under Add Recipients

b. Select a contact from the Contacts list

c. Select a list from your Distribution Lists

3. Click Next

4. Click Create next to the WhatsApp channel option.

5. If this is your first time sending a WhatsApp message, you will be presented with this screen and asked to Choose a Templates.

Note: Once you have successfully sent your first WhatsApp message, this screen will default to the last template used.

6. Select the template that you would like to send, and click Create.

Note: If you do not have any templates, you may need to enable WhatsApp for Whispir. Please contact your Whispir Account Manager.

7. Once your template has loaded, you can add your parameter values (if applicable) within the curly brackets, e.g. {{{1}}.

Note: You will need to replace all parameters with a value.

8. Once you've added your variables, click Back to Message.

If you want to add SMS, email or web to your message, simply click create.

9. Once you are happy with your message, you can click Send.

You will get a confirmation pop-up asking you to Confirm your message. Once you hit Confirm your message will be sent!

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