Workflow Summary

Trigger: Form

Action: Send SMS

How does this template work?

The form user is prompted to enter a mobile number and some message content.

When the form is submitted, the workflow triggers an SMS to the mobile number entered on the form, containing the message content.

Note: While this template can be used as is, we recommend using this as a starting point from which you can customise and adjust to suit your requirements.

Trigger: form

The form collects two things from the user: a Mobile Number and Message Content. Both values are saved as variables that can be used throughout the workflow.

Action: Send SMS

When the web form is submitted, the workflow triggers an SMS to the Mobile Number that was entered on the form.

The contents of the SMS message contains the 'Message Content' that is collected on the form.

Test it out!

Click Publish (top right corner) to create a web link for your form.

Copy and paste this link into a new browser tab, fill in the form (use your own mobile number) and wait to receive your SMS!

(You can always go back and edit the workflow once published)

Variations of this template

Instead of asking the form user to submit message content, you could simply collect the mobile number and add your own content when setting up your Send SMS action.

For example, your audience could submit their mobile number using this form to find out more about your product or services.

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