Workflow Summary

Trigger: Form

Actions: Split | IF Templates equals "x" | Send SMS

How does this template work?

Users of the form enter the customers First Name and Phone Number, then select the template they wish to send. Users can also add in additional free text that will appear at the bottom of the templated message.

Note: While this template can be used as is, we recommend using this as a starting point from which you can customise and adjust to suit your requirements.

Trigger: Form

The First Name, Phone Number and Free Text is captured and stored as a variable that is used in other parts of the workflow.

Use the drag and drop editor to adjust the form to suit your needs.

Click on the template component within the form to open the settings and add your own template options. (Click + Add Another Option or override existing options with your own template names)

Action: Branch Out (Split)

The Split action creates branches for each of the different templates that can be selected in the form.

To add another branch, click + Add a Branch on the Split component.

Action: IF Condition

The IF Condition here says "If the template selected in the form equals Airline - Manage Booking, continue down this branch."

Click the IF Condition to update with your own template names.

Action: Send SMS

Finally, if the workflow continues down a particular branch, an SMS will be sent to the phone number entered in the form.

The contents of the message differs for each branch. Update the message contents here for each of your template branches.

How to add another template

1. Open the trigger form and select the Templates component to add a new template option. Update the form when done.

2. On the Split component click + Add a Branch.

3. At the end of the new branch, click the + to add a new IF Condition.

4. To configure the IF Condition, select the Template variable, and set it to equal the template you have created. Click Save & Close when done.

5. Add a new step and select SMS.

6. Set the Phone Number variable in the recipients field and click Next to create your template content.

7. Click Add to create your SMS template content. This is the content that will be sent to the recipient when your new template is selected.

Test it out!

Click Publish (top right corner) to create a web link for your form.

Copy and paste this link into a new browser tab, fill in the form (use your own mobile number) and wait to receive your SMS!

(You can always go back and edit the workflow once published)

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