Workflow summary

Trigger: Form

Actions: Split | IF Department equals "x" | Split | IF Feedback Type equals "x" | Send Email

How does this form work?

This workflow can be used to collect employee feedback and route their feedback to different recipients, depending on the employee's Department and Feedback Type.

Note: While this template can be used as is, we recommend using this as a starting point from which you can customise and adjust to suit your requirements.

Trigger: Form

The form collects the employees Name, Email, Department, Type of feedback (General, Positive, Negative) and Feedback (free text).

Each field is stored as a variable that can be used throughout this workflow.

Each time the form is submitted, it triggers the following Actions

Action: Branch Out (Split)

The Split action creates branches for you to route feedback from different Departments.

To create a new branch, click + Add a Branch on the Split component.

Action: If Condition

The IF Condition allows the workflow to continue if it meets the rules you have set for the branch.

For example, if the employee says they are in the Marketing department, you can route their feedback down this branch (eventually sending to the Marketing Manager)

Action: Branch Out (Split)

This workflow has a second Split action, after the department selection. This allows you to route different types of feedback (e.g. negative, positive, general) to different recipients.

Action: If Condition

If the Type of Feedback is Negative, continue down the first branch.

If the Type of Feedback is General or Positive, continue down the second branch.

Action: Send Email

Finally, the Send Email action allows you to send the feedback to a recipient.

In this step, you decide who the feedback is sent to, and what the contents of that email is. Click each Send Email action to add a recipient.

The contents of each email has already been filled out for you, displaying all of the answers collected in the survey.

Test it out!

To test out the workflow, follow any of the branches (e.g. Marketing) down to the Send Email action and add your email in the Recipients field.

Once you've added your email, click the Publish button (top right corner) and fill out the survey!

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