Welcome to Workflows by Whispir!

In Workflows by Whispir, you'll be able to build communication experiences in minutes!

If you've come across as a Whispir Classic customer, you'll notice your contacts, lists, and message templates are also all available to use here in Workflows by Whispir. Your message insights are also available to view under Insights.

The four main pillars of Workflows by Whispir are:

  1. Contacts

  2. Messages

  3. Workflows

  4. Insights

Let's explore each pillar in more depth, below.


Your contacts and lists from Whispir Classic will be available here in Contacts.


Create or import new contacts, edit existing contacts, and add contacts to your distribution lists. Learn more.

Distribution Lists

Create new static distribution lists and add contacts to your lists. Learn more.


Create and send professional-looking SMS, email, and web in minutes with our drag and drop message editor.

Messages Home Page

When you select Messages from the main menu, you will land on your Message home page. Here you'll find your template (if you have any) from Whispir Classic.

From the Messages home page, you can also create a new message.

Message Builder

The message builder works similarly to the template builder in Whispir Classic, but with a sleeker experience. Try it out now!

Learn more about components in Whispir.


Workflows is a visually rich way to automate your communication experiences in minutes.

As Workflows is a completely new feature for Whispir, you will not have any workflows when you first jump in. However, you will have access to our Workflow templates with pre-defined forms, actions, and communication templates. These templates are a great resource to help you understand how to build your own, or simply use the template as a starting point and make it your own.

This is the perfect opportunity to get familiar with how Workflows works, and start building your own communication experiences!

Learn more about Workflows.


See what's going on in your account and get to know your audience better with each interaction.

You'll notice your Insights already contains data - any message you have sent recently using Whispir Classic will be available to report on here in Insights, as well as any new messages sent from Workflows by Whispir.

Insights currently has 2 reports:

As a Whispir Classic user, Workflows by Whispir is completely free for you (only standard messaging usage rates apply). We can't wait to see the communication experiences you'll create in no time. You can refer to the links in this article any time for all platform updates.

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