✨ SMS Response Capture for Workflows

A true two-way conversational building block for Workflows, the value of SMS Response Capture to service many use cases within different industries, departments and jobs-to-be-done cannot be understated!

SMS Response Capture of Workflow Studio allows customers to automate messaging paths based on the ‘body’ of incoming text message responses.

Recipients simply respond to an SMS sent via your workflow and that content is captured and can be then used dynamically to trigger and route further messaging paths and communication automations.

🔎 Recipient Insights

The new Recipient Insights provides an overview of your message recipients along with each recipient’s level of engagement, using Whispir's new Engagement Score.

It helps you understand how your message is performing, and collect insights such as who has been most engaged with your message.

⚡ Manual Trigger for Workflows

In addition to the web form trigger available today, you can now proactively trigger workflow executions!

With a manual trigger, you are responsible for pushing trigger/start before the workflow definition you've created takes care of the rest. If we take the example of a HR annual leave management use case, perhaps the HR Manager would send an email to all staff in November with a reminder to book leave, and sets the workflow to only email Department Managers if staff on their team have selected December so they can confirm and manage minimum staffing over the Christmas break.

📍 Display Map Message Component

The Display Map allows you to embed a snapshot of Google Maps with your marked location to display within your content, helping your audience navigate to and from an important location. This component could be used for a range of use cases, like showing a shop location, interview location, incident location, delivery location, and so many more.

Display map available for web in the Message Studio.

Learn more about components available in Workflows by Whispir here.

🎞️ Video Player Web Component

Whispir's Video Player component allows you to embed any video URL (Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc) to display within your web content. The video player is an excellent content tool for a range of use cases - Internal comms, marketing, sales, training and tutorials, and much more.

Video Player available for web in the Message Studio & Workflows, as well as forms in Workflows.

Learn more about components available in Workflows by Whispir here.

🏠 Homepage Dashboard

Workflows by Whispir has a new homepage for all customers to begin their journey! The new homepage includes quick links to help documentation, new releases and most importantly; a check-list with links to help you get started!

✉️ Message Builder Navigation

Your message builder has been given a makeover!

We’ve reduced the number of steps it takes to send a message and brought the recipient selection to the start so you can clearly define your audience before creating your content.

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