In Workflows by Whispir, you'll be able to build communication experiences in minutes!

The four main pillars of your new communications platform are:

  1. Contacts

  2. Messages

  3. Workflows

  4. Insights

Let's explore each pillar below.


Add and manage your customers, leads, and staff within Contacts.

Here, you can manage individual contacts, as well as lists (a group of contacts).


Create or import new contacts, edit existing contacts, and add contacts to your distribution lists. Why not start by Importing your contacts, now? Learn more.

Distribution Lists

Create new static distribution lists and add contacts to your lists. Learn more.


If you're looking to send a quick, one off message, head over to your Messages. Here, you can create and send professional-looking SMS, email, and web in minutes with our drag and drop message editor.

For message automation, see Workflows below.

Create a new message

Creating a message in Workflows by Whispir is easy:

  1. Define your recipients (enter an ad hoc number or email, or select from an existing contact or list)

  2. Create your message content for the channels you wish to use (SMS, email, linked web page)

  3. Send a test to yourself or send!

Message Builder

Use the drag and drop editor to select components and create your email and web pages. To link your SMS or Email to a web page, make sure you use the Web Link variable somewhere in your Email or SMS.

Learn more about components in Whispir.


Workflows is a visually rich way to automate your communication experiences in minutes.

Start from scratch

Choose from a manual trigger or a new form entry (workflow is triggered every time the form is submitted) and build out your own workflow from scratch.

Start with a pre-built workflow template

Use a pre-defined template as a starting point and build on it to suit your needs.

Watch video: Basics of Workflows

Watch video: Creating a Workflow


Once you've sent some messages, you can come to your Insights to see what's going on in your account and get to know your audience better.

Check out the three reports currently available:

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