Recipient Insights provides an overview of your message recipients along with each recipient’s level of engagement, using Whispir's new Engagement Score.

It helps you understand how your message is performing, and collect insights such as who has been most engaged with your message.

What does this report tell me?

  • Who your message was sent to and how (distribution lists, ad-hoc entry etc)

  • Which recipients were most engaged vs least engaged (by default your recipients will be listed in order from most engaged to least engaged)

  • The time a recipient replied to your message

  • Who is disengaged with your message, allowing you to review list memberships for future communications

How to access Recipient Insights

  1. Select the Insights tab in your primary menu.

  2. Select Recipient in your secondary menu

Select the Message dropdown to view Recipient results for another message.

By default, the recipient list will sort from the highest engagement score to the lowest, however you can also sort based on Name and Time.

Contact overview panel

Select any of the recipients to view their contact information on the right side panel.

How is the Engagement Score calculated?

The Engagement Score represents the level of interaction each recipient has had with your message and how quickly each action was performed.

Factors contributing to the score:

  • The recipient’s message status (whether they received, replied etc)

  • The time between each status update (for example, how quickly they replied)

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