To send a quick SMS message, navigate to your Message Studio and click Create Message.

Selecting Recipients

There are 3 ways to add recipients:

a. Enter an ad-hoc number under Add Recipients

b. Select a contact from your existing Contacts (if you have created any)

c. Select a list from your Distribution Lists (if you have created any)

Once you've added your recipients, click Next to create your SMS message content.

Creating SMS Content

Click Create next to the SMS channel. This will take you to the SMS message builder.

Enter your message content in the open text box and the content will appear in the mobile preview.

Tip: Use the purple pill to add variables such as the recipient's first name (if you are using existing contacts), or to link your SMS to your web page.

Once you are happy with your SMS content, click Back to Message at the top.

Sending your SMS message

Send a test or hit send!

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