✨ Webform Response Capture

Automate your communications to customers and staff with webform response capture in Workflows by Whispir. Recipients simply respond to an webform sent via your workflow and that content is captured and can be dynamically used to trigger and route further communication automations.

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📩 Contacts Import Enhancements

The latest improvements to the Contact Importer make uploading, mapping and managing duplicate contact information much easier.

  • Upload any CSV file: Use any CSV file or the sample CSV file format (Example Template) is still available to you.

  • Map columns to Whispir Contact Fields: Flexibly map fields after uploading your CSV file rather than having it in a particular format before uploading.

  • Manage duplicate contacts on upload: Decide what to do with duplicate contacts (override or duplicate).

  • Select All feature: Select all of your available contacts (select all lists coming soon).

🔎 Contacts View Enhancements

The latest improvements to the Contacts view make searching for contacts and adding contacts to lists much easier:

  • + Add Filters: Layer filters to fine-tune your contact search.

  • Select All check-box: Select all contacts listed on the page with one check-box to quickly add them to a list.

  • Row limits and pagination: Control the number of contacts you want to see on each page.

  • Column sorting: sort contacts by any column (name, channels, phone, email).

👍 Yes/No Buttons for Web

Add a Yes/No button to your forms to capture closed questions where the answer is either 'Yes' or 'No'. Configure the button properties according to your brand guidelines to customise the colour, border-radius, and even add custom icons.

📅 Add to Calendar Button for Web

Make it easy for your attendees to add your event to their calendars with the Add to Calendar button. Add to your web pages and web forms for your event invitations and configure the file with the event details including date, time, title, location, and description.

📤 Sent Messages

View a summary of your messages sent from the Message Studio and check its status to make sure it sent.

When you navigate to your Message Studio, the Sent Messages list will be the default landing page, but you can also find it from your secondary menu.

📊 WhatsApp Reporting Events (AP1 Only)*

When you've sent a WhatsApp campaign, view the following WhatsApp events on the Engagement Insights:

  • Sent

  • Received

  • Read

  • Failed

* WhatsApp and related releases are currently only available on AP1 (beta.ap1.whispir.com)

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