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Whispir System Status
Whispir System Status Page
Whispir System Status Page

Check the status of Whispir's systems across all regions.

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Welcome to our Whispir StatusPage.

Whispir provides a System Status page that contains the latest information about the status of its products and services. In case of any service disruption, this page will clearly indicate which services are affected, provide a detailed description of the issue, and outline the steps that Whispir is taking to restore the service. The page also displays information about upcoming maintenance activities for the Whispir platform.

You can sign up for email and/or SMS notifications from the System Status page to receive immediate alerts in case of a service disruption. Click on the following link to access the System Status page and stay informed about the status of Whispir's services: Whispir System Status page.

Navigating the System Status Page

The Notification Banner

The notification banner for service disruptions is prominently displayed on our System Status Page.

The Historical Uptime Chart

This interactive chart provides a detailed overview of the operational status for each service region over the last 90 days. The green bars represent days when the system ran without disruptions, while the orange bars indicate the days when service disruptions occurred. The grey bars indicate days where system data was unavailable. This information can help you track the historical status of each of our services in each region and identify events that may require your attention.

If you want to check the system history from more than 90 days ago, you can click on 'View historical uptime' located on the upper-right corner of the service status area.

In addition, clicking the '+' sign next to a region will expand that region and allow you to see the system status for individual products and services within that region.

Past Incidents

You can find the ‘Past Incidents’ section below the system status area. This section displays information about previous incidents that have occurred.

Our support team is committed to swiftly resolving any issues. We recognise the importance of keeping you informed throughout the process. To ensure that you are up-to-date on the latest developments, we will be providing regular timestamped updates on the status of the disruption.

In the meantime, we would like to offer additional support by providing documentation on how to subscribe to Whispir's system status updates. By subscribing, you will receive real-time notifications about any maintenance or incidents that may affect the Whispir platform.

Access information on how to subscribe or manage your existing subscription by clicking the following link: Subscribe to Whispir's system status updates

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