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Whispir REST API documentation
Updated over a week ago

We are proud to announce Whispir's all-new REST API documentation

In addition to the new and improved look, a brand new set of developer tooling is added to generate ready-to-use code snippets (which were previously not available).

The new code snippet generator allows developers to

  • populate authentication keys, headers, and,

  • request bodies to create ready-to-use code snippets in over 20 programming languages

  • heavily reducing time to integration and,

  • providing developers with best practices to integrate with the Whispir Platform API.

What this means for you

Whispir’s new API docs are now more user-friendly, equipped with more functionalities, created with the developer’s user experience at heart and just plain nicer to use.

What’s currently supported?

  • OpenAPI specification supporting API documentation generation, linked to public Whispir Github repository at GitHub - whispir/openapi: An OpenAPI description of the Whispir API

  • Conceptual documentation for getting started with the Whispir Platform API

  • Reference documentation for Whispir Platform API endpoints

  • Code-snippet generator for 20+ programming languages

  • Mock servers for integration testing, provided by Stoplight

What are the limitations?

  • API key generation

  • API requests from browser to Whispir Platform API

In short, our new API docs are more attractive, more usable, more maintainable, and just plain nicer to use. Click here to see for yourself!

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