Whispir Compose "How-To" Guide
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Whispir Compose, an AI-powered tool, simplifies the intricate task of crafting captivating SMS and email content. Whether you are sending marketing campaigns, important notifications, or operational updates, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps for a seamless initiation into the world of Whispir Compose.

Accessing Whispir Compose

Whispir Compose is a supplementary module that seamlessly integrates with your existing Whispir subscription. To access this invaluable resource, kindly liaise with your organisation's designated administrator. If you hold the role of company administrator, you possess the authority to activate it directly through our platform.

Activating Whispir Compose

To activate Whispir Compose, ensure that you have administrative privileges within your company account. If you are indeed the company administrator, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Begin by logging into your Whispir Account.

  2. Navigate to 'New Message' where you embark on the journey of crafting new messages.

  3. Within this section, an intriguing addition awaits – the 'Unlock Compose AI' button.

  4. By clicking this button, you will be prompted to acknowledge and accept our meticulously outlined Terms and Conditions. Upon acceptance, you can proceed to subscribe to Whispir Compose.

  5. A successful activation will be marked by the 'Compose AI Unlocked' notification.

Leveraging Whispir Compose

After successfully activating your Whispir Compose subscription, you will gain access to the tool through the "New Message" interface, thanks to the 'Launch Compose AI' button.

Unlocking the Potential of Whispir Compose

Whispir Compose harnesses the latest advancements in AI technology to empower you in crafting compelling messages for your customer communications. Here is a breakdown of the process:

Crafting Your Message

To make the most of Whispir Compose, provide our AI with essential data points for generating engaging messaging communications. Vital inputs include:

  • Message Type: Determine whether your message will be sent as an Email or SMS, as this affects the content length.

  • Content Type: Specify whether your communication falls under categories such as Marketing, Operational, Transactional, or Alert Notifications.

  • Target Audience: Select your intended recipients.

  • Tone of Voice: You have the option to select up to two tones of voice that align with your brand's identity.

  • Message Details: This is where you provide specific and concise details about your campaign.

Generating Your Content

Once all necessary details are meticulously specified, click 'Generate Content.' This initiates our AI's intricate process of crafting the optimal message based on your inputs. A preview of the generated message will be displayed. Should you find the content unsatisfactory, you can regenerate it.

Please note that exceeding the allowed number of generations per request may result in additional credit deductions.

Utilising the Generated Content

Upon satisfaction with the generated content, you have the option to either copy it for storage on your device or employ it in a draft within Whispir New Message. The latter provides the opportunity for further fine-tuning and customisation before dispatching it to your designated audience.

Seeking Further Assistance

Should you require additional guidance or encounter inquiries while using Whispir Compose, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated and accommodating support team. We are committed to assisting you in optimising your Whispir Compose experience.

This guide equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to unlock the true potential of Whispir Compose for your communication needs. Thank you for choosing Whispir as your partner in delivering exceptional messaging experiences

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