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Whispir Compose AI Pricing
Whispir Compose AI Pricing

Understanding our pricing structure for Compose AI

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At Whispir, we are committed to transparency and ensuring that our users have a clear understanding of our pricing structure for our Compose AI feature. Below, we break down our pricing model to help you make informed decisions about how best to leverage our AI capabilities.

Pricing Structure

You have a monthly allowance of 1,250 credits to use on composing emails and SMSs with an email consuming 4 credits and an SMS consuming 1 credit

Monthly Allowance

1,250 Credits

Compose 1 Email

4 credits are consumed

Compose 1 SMS

1 credit is consumed

If you have used up all your allocated credits in the month, you can continue to use the feature at a PAYG rate for each credit until the next month. Unused credits don’t roll-over into the next month.


Monthly Subscription

PAYG rate until next month if allocated credits are consumed in the month













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