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Whispir Composer End-of-Life
Whispir Composer End-of-Life
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Q: Why is the Whispir composer app going through an End-Of-Life process?

A: Following an assessment of our existing mobile application portfolio, we have decided to focus on the Whispir OneClick and Whispir Pushie mobile applications as these are aligned closely with our CPaaS platform product roadmap. Based on this decision, the Whispir Composer mobile app will be terminated and put through an End-Of-Life process.

Q: When will the Whispir Composer app stop being available to download from the app store?

A: After 1st of April 2024, the Whispir Composer app will no longer be available on the iOS App store for new user installations.

Q: When will Whispir stop providing technical support and maintenance for the app?

A: After the 1st of July 2024, Whispir will no longer provide support or maintenance for Composer.

Q: Can existing users continue to use the app after EOL?

A: While they will still be able to continue using the Composer app after the EOL, your users’ experience may be degraded as Whispir will no longer maintain or support it. We strongly encourage you to put in place the necessary plan to transition your users away from the Composer app.

Q: Will there be a change to my Whispir subscription costs?

A: No. You have been enjoying Composer as part of your monthly subscription for no extra cost.

Q: Does Whispir have an alternative for my mobile needs?

A: Whispir doesn’t have immediate plans to create a like-for-like replacement solution for the Composer mobile app. Using our Push Notification channel you can configure any of your existing mobile apps to receive push notifications about a new message or event published from the Whispir platform. For more specific use cases, Rich Messages offers personalised mobile responsive web pages that are dynamically generated for each recipient and linked via a URL contained in an SMS, email or a push notification. Please reach out to us to explore together how any of these could be a viable alternative or an enhancement to your current services.

Q: Will I still be able to access historical data like messages, emails created through the Composer app by users?

A: Yes, all messages and related data generated through the use of the Composer app will be archived and accessible after its EOL. You will access this information in Whispir similar to any other message data sent from the Whispir portal.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for the EOL?

A: We recommend that you put in place a plan for how you would like to transition users away from using the app, inform and educate them about your transition plan. We will take care of the changes to your subscription to reflect that the Composer app is no longer part of your Whispir subscription.

Q: Will the OneClick and Pushie mobile apps continue to be available ?

A: Yes. The OneClick and Pushie mobile apps are not impacted by this EOL notification and will continue to operate as before. You can follow the links for more information on OneClick and Pushie.

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